Sunday Life thoughts :)

It’s been a nice weekend so far, I’ve spent most of my weekend relaxing in bed and watching tv and as we speak I’m laying down in bed under my heated blanket. The weather continues to change, one day it’s cold the next it’s hot and honestly I stopped keeping up. My daughter has a really bad cold right now and I’m in full mom mode and trying to get her better and also trying not to get sick so, theraflu here Cherelle comes.

Yesterday was so rainy and nasty outside and guess who ended up out in the rain 🌧 🙋‍♀️ I had to go to Walmart to get some things for my daughter and pick up food for the house. I’m in the store walking around and a worker was stocking food on the aisle, so it was blocked off and people couldn’t get by, well I’m trying to grab some milk, when a women comes behind me with an attitude saying “excuse me” In a rude tone so at that point, I’m a little annoyed and taken back. I move over and roll my eyes and allow her to go by me, then go back to grabbing my milk. I was mad at that point and honestly wanted to slap her not going to lie and calling my mom was the only thing that would keep me calm, so I pull my phone out and dialed her number and explain what happened, she was upset and freaked out because, she knows how I can be at times, especially when I’m not on my medication.

It’s been a struggle lately without my medication and it’s causing me to be angry and on edge and my next doctors appointment isn’t until March 11th, because his booked again and missing my last appointment didn’t help, all though it was out of my hands and now I’m sitting here waiting. I’m one of those people that needs medication in order to function, because without it sometimes, I’m a complete mess to be honest and for a few days honestly, I was thinking “I’m ok” again but now I’m seeing that I’m not. At this point their is not much for me to do, but wait or maybe see, will my doctor call in a prescription for me, but I’m thinking that’s a no because again, his money hungry and likes to see me before doing anything. I’m hoping to get through these next two weeks, but honestly it’s scary, because feeling the way I been feeling isn’t a good feeling, but gotta stay strong and do the best I can.

I’m not a violent person at all or a mean person and I’m always nice to others, but cannot stand being disrespected especially when, I’ve done nothing wrong and it’s like that quiet girl in the corner has faded and found her voice and became more vocal, because in high school being bullied and not having a voice everyday was horrible and now being older I’m not standing for it. I haven’t slept all weekend and my body is now paying for it. I keep waking up like I’m going to work and then watching tv all morning. I woke up at 8 this morning and paid bills and then watched old episodes of Dr. Phil until my daughter woke up. That’s how my days have been here lately, so I’m really thinking not having my Medicine is starting to mess with me a whole lot.

I’m up bored now, as my daughter takes her nap and I’m sitting in my room looking at the walls, wondering what’s next and seeing how pretty outside it is today, I’m grateful for this beautiful Sunday, but I’m also tired and probably should take a nap while my daughter is sleeping. I’m hoping tomorrow, will be a great work day for me and a great day for you all as well, I’m going to attempt to take a nap or try to catch a show on Hulu or Netflix doing this down time. Enjoy your Sunday! 😊

-Cherelle ❤️


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