About me

Cherelle, is a mom, prior medical assistant and now current intake coordinator with a mental health facility  and also runs a podcast on anchor geared towards mental health, her blog site is dedicated towards helping others deal with mental illness and everyday life topics such as relationships, parenting, women empowerment and finding ways to cope when dealing with crisis situations, her goal is to help others and promote positivity.

In Cherelle’s  spare time, She loves to cook, shop, go to the movie theater, spend time with friends & family, write poems and stories. She also enjoys going to the amusement park with her daughter and watching football on Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys Play. Laughter and positivity is her motto, she brings smiles and positive energy to everyone around her. 

She graduated in 2016 from college and got her degree in Medical assisting it was then that, she was hired in her previous  position, working at a pain management facility for three years. In 2020, She went on to peruse her current position in mental health as an intake coordinator, her goal is to continue in the medical field and continue to run her podcast, her hope is to do more things in the mental health field and eventually have her own business one day.  She wants to gain as much Knowledge as she can to continue to help others when it comes to mental health “you are not alone” is what she believes someone cares, I care. 

She will continue to be an advocate for the people who feel that have no voice or feel no one cares, she knows the Journey with mental health is not easy and will do what she can to make sure the stigma of mental health is broken and more people get the help that is needed, she sees it as something that can be attained with hard work and dedication, her ultimate goal is to create a safe space where everyone can feel good and have someone to listen too.  “It gets better” she tells herself and hopes others can believe that too and know it’s going to work out in the end.

Cherelle currently resides in Virginia with family and looks forward to helping others with her blog. 

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