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  • It’s been too long. #LIFE UPDATE

    I’ve truly missed blogging, I’m looking at my old post, I see my last one was in December. I’ve had so much happen since then and want to share a few things with you. First for starters, I would like to say, I hope everyone is being safe at this time and well. It’s been…

  • Life update 12/19 🙂

    I’ve missed you all, I’ve missed blogging and being on here to post my thoughts and feelings. So much has happened over the past couple of months and it’s a lot so bare with me through out this post as I described it all to you. Work life/Career: I was working at a pain management…

  • One door closes, another one opens.

    It’s really hard to trust people, it’s really hard for me to let people in and actually believe they are good people and have my best interest at heart. I’m completely broken after today realizing certain people never really cared nor had my best interest at all. I’m never really one to use names but…

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