Sometimes, I wonder..

Lately, I’ve really noticed that mental illness is such a heavy topic and a lot of people don’t know how to start it or even what to say. I really wanna talk about something that’s been heavy on my heart and get my opinions across and where I’m coming from.

The biggest pet peeve that really bothers me lately is people who tend too act like something is wrong or say that have mental illness when they don’t for attention, that really makes me mad because it’s so hard to get help and it’s so hard to even get people to understand where you are coming from and then their are actual people out there who play around about something so serious, like that’s never ok and it only hurts the people who really have a problem and can’t even receive help.

A lot of people they want attention and they crave attention and the only way they see fit to get it, is too act out or do things they shouldn’t be doing for it. I had a friend once who told me that he needed money so bad at a point in his life he went to social services and told them he was going to kill him self and they believed him and placed him on meds and starting giving him a check every month, the problem here was their was nothing wrong with him and when I asked him why he did it he responded “I needed money, so I did what I had too” I was kind of taken back honestly that someone would do that knowing it’s actually people in the world who truly need help and he wasted other peoples times with his games.

So to anyone out there who truly is struggling with mental illness and truly needs help please do not give up, you will receive the help you need, continue to try and keep pushing and I truly hope one day people will try to understand the importance of mental health and why it’s so important to take care of yourself but also, why you should not play around with something that’s serious to a lot of other people. My biggest give away today is to always be mindful of others.

I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Thursday, I’m off tomorrow and cannot wait to sleep in and spend the day with my daughter. Live in the moment and as always enjoy every second of it.



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