Wednesday thoughts..

The topic of suicide continues to plague my mind, not because I’m thinking about doing any harm to myself but because it’s all around me lately, I keep hearing stories about people killing themselves and seeing how no one around them noticed or even if they did, nothing still was done, it’s frustrating knowing so many innocent lives are being taken.

I do my podcast everyday twice a day and all I can think is please let someone be touched by something that was said today, I’ve never though that mental health would become so important to me or start to mean so much to me. I’m so into wanting to save people or at least tell my story in hopes someone out there can relate. I know it’s not always easy to talk about these things, I know it’s hard to be open sometimes when dealing with mental illness, most people think you can turn a switch and it automatically goes away but it never really works like that.

I’ve been extremely sick the last past couple of days and taking to my bed has been a habit, I can’t see my doctor until the end of the month and my medication is slowly running out and on top of that, I have to add a new medication to the list, I couldn’t even make it at work today I clocked in at 8 and left at 10:30 due to being sick my body is slowly shutting down but I’m trying to keep pushing. I’m thankful my Job is so understanding when it comes to things like this because it helps me a lot being able to deal with the things that come up. I’m hoping this will pass soon, so I can get back to my normal self again.

I’m loving the fact that blogging is becoming even more important in my life again it helps a lot, I started YouTube again but in all honestly I’m starting to realize YouTube isn’t my thing over tried to do videos over the years but I’m realizing I’m not that into. I’m more happier when I’m blogging or doing my podcast I’m even hoping to start a support group soon for mental illness so keep your fingers crossed for me. I plan to do so many great things this year in 2019 and as always, I will keep you guys posted. Thank you as always for the support.

I’m off to go lay back down until it’s time for me to go pick my daughter up. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday 😊


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  1. Yes, things can get out of hand sometimes but having an understanding environment (like your job) can help a lot with these things. People need to keep pushing through like you’re doing. Also, great quote to have in mind!

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