When life happens..

So things have been pretty crazy on my end lately, I haven’t felt like myself at all and I’m taking my medicine like I’m suppose to but I’ve been really sick and tired and not feeling like myself and I’m not sure why, I wish things were a little better but gotta keep pushing because that’s all I can do.

My aunt passed away on Monday and we have her funeral tomorrow and honestly, I don’t wanna go, not because it’s way too much for me to deal with but honestly the though of death drives me crazy and funerals are the worse when everyone is crying and grieving and you have to sit there trying to keep it together when you wanna break down too. It’s not going to be a glamorous weekend for me plus it’s super bowl weekend so you know how that goes 🤷‍♀️

I also started my new diet and I’m excited about that, everything I’ve been eating is strictly organic and I’ve cut out all carbs, so I’ve done well on it so far gotta keep my fingers 🤞because you never know how things will go. I’m trying to keep my mind on all positive things right now at the moment and not bring any negativity around me. I know some days that can be hard but we have to keep pushing and keep our minds clean.

to be honest, my podcast and this blog is what really keeps me going, it makes me happy to help others with mental illness and you guys help me as well by allowing me to vent and read your stories as well, it lets me know in this world we can come together as one and hopefully break the stigma of mental illness one day. My boyfriend and I have gotten even closer as well, since he is dealing with his brothers recent diagnosis of schizophrenia and how it is to deal with mental illness, we speak about it more often now and it helps a lot.

My Friday so far is going ok, I’m currently at work and honestly ready to go home to my warm bed. I hope everyone is having a great Friday and if you haven’t done so already please go check out my podcast and download anchor.fm/CherelleH and enjoy your day guys I’m off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.


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