Summer colds are no fun/medicines I take to feel better and what I do to rest.

I went out a few days ago in the rain, I know stupid decision because now I’m laying down feeling like death literally. I was all wrapped up in my jacket of course but still my immune system always seems to shut down on me. I’m going to tell you some things that I normally do to feel better when coming down with a bad cold.

When I’m sick these are some things that I normally do…

1. Lay down in bed/watch movies-

I’m actually laying down now and watching some tv shows on Hulu at the moment usually resting and not doing a lot makes me feel better

2.take medicine-

That’s the first thing I try to do is get in the bathroom and search for all the cold medicines I have because it helps me sleep better and get all the rest I need

3. Green tea-

I love green tea and I normally drink this every day even when not sick but it also helps me to drink a warm cup of tea it soothes my throat and also helps me rest well.

4. Put on warm clothes-

I know this is crazy considering it’s summer time but I try to dress in sweats and warm shirts while under my blanket it helps to keep me warm also it helps you sweat a lot witch is good to get rid of your cold.(I get the chills really bad)

5. I try to keep my daughter in another room-

I never want her to get sick so I try my best to stay away from her and let her be in her own room witch is hard because she loves to sleep in my room with me at all time still trying to break that habit.

Medicines that I take…


I love theraflu it helps me a lot to sleep at night and it takes a couple of days but it usually kicks in and I start to feel better.

Halls lozenges-

I take this all the time for my sore throat and coughing it really helps especially when I’m at work because I’m constantly talking with patients all day.

Alka seltzer-

They have a really good cold medicine you dump the pill in some water and it dissolves it dosent taste all that great but it does help to feel better.

Tylenol Cold medicine-

I usually take these in the morning before work I hate taking pills so I’ll pour a glass of orange juice and crush my pills up and dump them into my juice and it helps me to feel better when taken twice a day.

Robitussin cough syrup-

I usually take this for my cough it’s nasty I have to admit but it does knock my coughing out right away I usually throw it down as quick as possible and try not to think about the taste or the smell witch is horrible.

Those are a few of the medicines I take, of course there is more…

Getting over a cold isn’t a quick fix colds can last up two weeks at the most and if it goes on longer please go see a doctor because it can turn in to pneumonia and we don’t want that. So the best thing I can tell you is try to get plenty of rest don’t over work yourself and allow your body some time to rest and you will feel better in no time

To everyone with summer colds I hope you feel better soon. Take your meds and see your doctor if your condition worsens.


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