Falling in love, 5 signs i knew (he) was the one.

Happy Sunday, waking up to another day full of life and the first thing on my mind was “love” in my opinion love is one of the most important things you can give someone it’s also one of the best feelings when it’s reciprocated back to you. I haven’t always had the best relationships and I have had my fair share of heart breaks and moments where giving up felt like the only option. I’m here today to share my story and to tell you the 5 signs that let me know my boyfriend was the one.

Everyone’s story is different

This is mine… let’s go on a

Little Journey..

I stated in a previous post (long distance relationships) how I met my boyfriend so I won’t go in to all that detail again but if you wanna know the story you can go check out that post. I remember a year ago being alone trying to be a single parent, working and trying to keep it all together in all honesty I wasn’t looking for love but along the way I kept meeting the wrong people and wasting my time. I was in the middle of giving up on love when I met my current boyfriend he was cute, sweet, loving and most of all he didn’t try to change me and he treated me like a queen and still does.

I was so use to dating guys who had abused me, called me out my name, constantly disrespect me, cheated on me and tried to control me that when he came into my life, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In the beginning I pushed him away a lot because of my fears and I wasn’t as open as I could of been. I did things that he didn’t understand but it was all to protect my heart from getting broken again. Eventually my walls came down and I noticed myself being relaxed with him, I noticed myself being able to talk to him about anything and I started to trust him. In my heart I started to see that he wasn’t like the others, that he was indeed different and it wasn’t just from his words but his actions spoke loud too, he was keeping his promises he would show up whenever I needed him, he made sure that I was ok and the biggest thing here, he excepted my daughter and made sure that we were both ok.

5 signs? Ok let’s get in to it..

1. He excepted my daughter

This is the biggest sign because the moment I explained to him my situation that I was a single parent and had a daughter he wanted to meet her and get to know her. When they met it was beautiful he spent time with her, played with her and got to know her better.

2. He excepted me for who I was

In all my relationships the guy always tried to change me I couldn’t be myself and I felt like I was living a lie honestly, when I met my current boyfriend he liked everything about me he excepted me for who I was he always tells me I’m beautiful and that I can accomplish whatever I want to in life he never wants me to be anything but my true authentic self.

3. He introduces me to everyone as his girlfriend not just “my friend”

This is a major one guys because if a guy/girl introduces you as a friend they are not that into you at all (my opinion) unless you really are just friends 🤷‍♀️ but when I’m dating someone and they say that inside I cringe. When I met his family/friends he said “this is my girlfriend cherelle” he never said this is my “friend” that’s always good, introduction is everything and the fact that he respected me enough and though of me enough to do that it meant a lot.

4. He has god in his life

I know not everyone is super religious I myself am not either but I do believe in god and I believe everything happens for a reason I was always taught that with god In your life/in your relationship nothing can go wrong and I’m glad that his on my level of spirituality and we both pray for each other. (If your not religious or don’t believe that’s fine I’m not judging at all everyone is different this is just my opinion/my story).

5. He has goals in life

Yes yes this is a good one, I’m very goal Oriented and I have a great career so of course the person I’m with has to be on the same level as me I’m not saying he has to be perfect but I want him to at least be striving to do the best he can in his life. My boyfriend has plenty of goals he knows what he wants out of life and strives to be better everyday. That’s so important when dating you and your partner should always want more and better things for yourself always (again I’m not judging at all just saying it’s always good to have goals in life you may not be where you want to be but always strive to get there, remember everyone has to start some where)

Again these are all my opinions and all the things they made me fall in love with my boyfriend, everyone’s story is different and of course I could of went on with more signs but those are the ones that came to mind when writing this post, remember love is out there so don’t give up on finding the one for you also there is nothing wrong with being single either. I was for a very long time,I spent most of that time trying to find myself and be happy with who I was.

I woke up thinking about “love” it’s Sunday guys so go spread some love and positivity.


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