Why going to therapy is so important/taking care of yourself /mental health.

If anyone saw or read one of my recent post about anxiety this kind of goes back to that a little bit (If you haven’t read it go check it out) so basically I do suffer with anxiety and my therapy really helps me get through that so I started seeing a therapist like two or three years ago she’s really great and she helps me a lot her office is 5 minutes away from my home and she’s always a call away when I need her.

I wanted to touch on this topic because so many people talk down on therapy or they will say I don’t need help or I don’t want a stranger listening to my problems but they fail to see sometimes it’s actually really a good thing, when I first went to my session I honestly thought it would be like what they show on television I’m picturing laying across a couch where the therapist sits and takes notes trust me it’s nothing like that at all.

A lot of times we have problems or go through things and we cant always talk to our families or friends about it or maybe we have but we still feel like we need more help so we contemplate in our heads about calling a therapist but then we get scared because we don’t want anyone to think we’re crazy or can’t handle it all, the reality is it’s perfectly normal to not have it all together, we all go through things or feel different emotions.

Therapy is important to speak your truth to tell someone out there who dosent know you and Won’t judge you, it’s good to tell your story and be able to express yourself and get whatever help that you need. So many mental health cases go un noticed or aren’t detected because we don’t acknowledge that we have a problem or need help. We tend to sit in our problems witch leads to depression and those thoughts sit with us everyday and it starts to get serious some people contemplate suicide others can’t even leave the house.

Always, always remember it’s ok to go see a therapist it’s ok to not be ok and it’s ok to have whatever feelings you have but don’t sit in those problems everyday don’t let it get so bad to the point where you’re taking your own life or harming someone else, never let the people around you tell you not to get help or that going to therapy is a bad thing because it’s not your health and your well being is important always remember that.

My moms friend is dealing with a situation now with her son who has mental health issues and it’s really hard on her because she dosent know what to do, she’s tried everything to get him help but no one will help her and now she’s in a situation where she’s debating on what to do next because he refuses help and won’t take his medication, this is why it’s so important to seek help when it’s needed even if you have to check into a hospital.

Take care of yourself always and please anyone out there who needs help don’t be scared to reach out for it and get it, no one is judging you and its going to be ok.


Check out this site (For anyone who needs it)


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