My tattoos/what they mean to me!

I have three tattoos, I know not a lot compared to others but I really like tattoos and I wanna get more in the future, I’m never one to get a tattoo that doesn’t mean something to me because you gotta realize your stuck wearing what you get FOREVER well unless you get it removed but who the heck wants to go through all the pain NOT ME! So I’m going to show you my tattoos and go into detail of why I got it and what the meaning behind it was.

1. Rose/with my name

This was my first tattoo and I thing I got it in 2014/2015 some where around that time and it was my birthday so my boyfriend at that time paid for it and got it for me as a birthday gift, it means a lot to me because it has my name on it and it’s a red rose (red is my favorite color) so it was a great first tattoo, I got this done at a tattoo shop downtown, I believe it was only 50 dollars. I wanna say or maybe 100 some where in between but again I didn’t pay for it but I love my tattoo.

2. Heart/with a lock

I got this tattoo on Valentine’s Day in 2015, I was young and thought I was in love so my boyfriend and I at the time went to the tattoo shop downtown and got matching tattoos he got the key and I got the heart, at the time when I got this tattoo it meant a lot to me now it doesn’t at all and I plan on getting it covered because I’m in a whole new relationship and it’s been years but I honestly think it’s time for a change plus my boyfriend always says ” when are you going to to cover it up or get a new tattoo) so I will definitely be doing that soon hopefully by the end of the year.

3.Butterfly/daughters name

I got this tattoo at the end of July, I wanted to get it for a while but never went through with it so when I went to visit my boyfriend at the end of July we went to his brothers house and he sketched the tattoo out for me and he did it in less than an hour and I love this tattoo because of course it’s my daughters name and it means a lot to me because she will always be apart of me.

So, I hope you enjoy my tattoo meanings, hopefully I’ll do another blog soon showing more (when I get more) also tell me about your tattoos and what they mean to you!


3 responses to “My tattoos/what they mean to me!”

  1. I love this! I’ve been wanting to get one for awhile. Yours look great!


    1. Thank you 🙂 I say go for it! Get something you really like.


      1. I think I am deciding I will! 😊


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