My GO to hair products

Ok, guys so I recently went from being natural to going back to a relaxer 😦 needless to say it wasn’t my first choice but I cut my hair short and decided being natural wasn’t going to work but yes I definitely will be going back once my hair grows back but skipping past all that these are my go to hair products.

1. Mane and tail herbal gro- I have the whole line and it’s absolutely amazing yes I know it’s horse shampoo 🤷‍♀️ however I got this at my local beauty supply store and it makes my hair soft and smooth and very manageable plus it wasn’t too high either.

Lotta body- this is a really great foam lotion for wrapping your hair after washing it makes my hair feel nice and easy to style

3. Carols daughter mimosa hair honey- I love this pomade it’s keeps my hair from being dry and breaking off. I use it maybe once a week or every other week either way it provides moisture.

4. Eco style gel black castor/flaxseed oil- this makes my edges look so good and it doesn’t leave any flakes or residue behind like most gels it keeps my hair in place all day the tub it comes in is kinda big but you can’t complain when it’s on two dollars, you get what you pay for and this product is worth the money

So basically these are my go to hair products right now while being back to relaxed hair, I use other things as well but these are the main products that I use on a daily basis, what is your hair routine like? What products do you use? Remember happy/ healthy hair is the best hair 🙂


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