Long distance relationships, Do they work? Can they work? My experience!

this topic always comes to mind especially when I’m around a group of people and we tend to talk about our dating lives, I don’t think anyone intends on getting in a long distance relationship but it happens sometimes, you never know where fate will lead you. I met my boyfriend a year ago on a dating site yes I said it a dating site at the time I wasn’t sure what I really wanted or even why I was using the app but hey I tried it out anyway. My boyfriend lives in another city we’re currently two hours apart, yes some people may say “that’s nothing my boyfriend lives in another state” and yes I completely get it however being far away from the person you love can be extremely hard sometimes, I don’t get to see my boyfriend as often as I would like because he works a lot and I work and I have my daughter so our scheldues can conflict at times , we try to see each other twice a month at the most. The main reason I’m writing this is to give you guys some tips on how to handle the relationship when you feel like giving up because sometimes it happens. So here are a few tips that will help you survive a long distance relationship. (They have helped me)

What can you do:

1. Always communicate(by phone, through text messages, even FaceTime)

2. Send each other cute gifts through the mail

( let the other person know your thinking of


3. Don’t let everyone around you get in your

Head ( remember it’s your relationship no

One else’s)

4. make every single moment count

(make it memorable)

5. Choose to be happy no matter what

(Even if it doesn’t work out at least you can

Say you tried.

(Also these tips may not help everyone this

Is just what has helped me and my

Boyfriend so I thought I would share)

With that being said has anyone ever dated long distance, did it workout? Did you give up? Also who has met their significant other online?

Remember don’t give up, Love is waiting!


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