My GO to skin products

I haven’t always had the best skin and I’ve tried many products only to be disappointed because my acne never went away or got worse, well I’m going to tell you it can happen having clear skin is possible, it took me years to finally find the best products that actually worked for me and now my skin is better then ever thanks to these products.

1. Clean and clear morning burst

(This does wonders for my skin)

2.Dickinson’s witch hazel

(The best skin toner for any skin type)

3. Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment

(Takes away any blemishes or bumps)

4.Olay moisturizer (sensitive skin)

It keeps your skin from being dry

5. Elf illuminating eye cream

( great, if your looking to get rid of dark spots

Under the eyes)

All these products can be found at target/ Walmart for under 20 dollars and I promise you it’s worth the buy!


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