Body shaming

img_1536I’ve always struggled with my weight,when I was younger I was smaller but as I got older my weight increased, my family/friends always commented on my weight and it didn’t help that at school I was being bullied because of it too. I started to hate myself in high school I found myself barley eating or only eating one meal a day I would excercise constantly and I remember dis liking who I was. I remember going in to Walmart one day and buying diet pills and the guy I was dating at the time thought I was crazy he told me I needed to stop. I wasn’t satisfied until I dropped Four jean sizes, at least I thought that would make me happy but it didn’t the reason I wrote this is to say we as a society should stop making others feel bad for the way they look weather big or small let that person be happy in their skin. I see so much body shaming online it’s sad to think that some people actually find it fun to pick at someone else’s insecuries, I say all this to say sometimes I still struggle with my weight sometimes I wish I was smaller but I’m also trying to learn to love the skin I’m in. Self love is the best love always remember that!


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